Monday, November 30, 2009

Voice Controlled Car

The Bluetooth ear piece(The Actual Controller)
I wanted to control my computer controlled r/c car by some other way than remote buttons, so I planned to control it with my voice.

I did not have to make any changes in the hardware but had to design a new software.I used the Microsoft sdk4.1 for the voice support in my vb program. The program is similar to the first one, just a few changes and some new functions.The command buttons are triggered with voice commands which are pre-defined.

I have used a wireless mic(bluetooth) to input the voice into the program.When I speak a command then the sdk first anylizes it and sends it to the vb program, then the program matches the command with the pre-defined commands and triggers the respective command button.
Finally the program sends the commands to the Usb board - Transistor - r/c remote - The car.

I hope that I can do much more with this car !
Hope you liked the post.

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