Wednesday, April 7, 2010


The Relay & Remote

Hi every one. I am back with another project.This is a relay circuit used to control real world a.c appliances using d.c 5v .The circuit I used Is from some other size but the idea of modifying it to be controlled by voice is mine.

The logic is quiet simple, there is a relay which is connected to the switch pins of the a.c appliance and other part is connected to a diode and d.c 5v which is the actual trigger. When we supply d.c 5v to the circuit it switches on the appliance connected to it.

Instead of simple 5v supply through a battery I planned to use my voice controlled car's circuit and program[modified for this one].
R/c Car's Transmitter Circuit

So now the same circuit sends +5v to the relay upon receiving voice signals which further switches the appliance.

I have connected the relay in such a way that I can now plug in the appliance direcly into the circuit so there is no hassle of connecting the switch wires.

I have made two identical circuits for connecting two devices at a same time.

The relay circuit is also connected to a wireless reciever so that it can even be controlled with voice and motion sensor circuit!

This can now be used as an automation system for my room if programmed further!

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